About the Control Room Awards

Recognising the unsung heroes of the control room


"We’re celebrating the individuals that save lives, reduce crime and make our communities safer."

The Control Room Awards are the first to recognise the life-saving and life-changing work of staff in critical control rooms. Created and fully operated by APD Communications, let’s hear a word from Mike Isherwood, Managing Director, on what makes this event particularly close to our hearts.

“My very first time in a control room was at North Yorkshire Police, where I witnessed call takers and dispatchers take a 999 call from a mother whose daughter wanted to harm herself. With a young daughter myself, the call struck a terrible chord.”

“The control room team did an amazing job - taking details, keeping the mum calm and then systematically dispatching officers to possible locations. It was incredibly tense. Within minutes they had found her safe and unharmed. I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I’ve been in many control rooms and this isn’t an isolated incident.”

“Control room employees around the UK deal with extreme highs and lows. Fire, ambulance, police, and coast guard staff take thousands of calls like this a week. And whilst it may be their job, here at APD we thought it was something worth recognising. The APD Control Room Awards were created to recognise outstanding achievements in critical control rooms. We’re celebrating the individuals that save lives, reduce crime and make our communities safer.”

Mike Isherwood

Managing Director | APD Communications

The Celebration Event

The Control Room Awards 2020 will be held in the prestigious ballroom at Jury’s Inn Hinckley Island, Leicestershire, UK.


Host Helen Fospero welcomes guests to the Control Room Awards

Shortlisted entrants will be cordially invited to attend this celebration on 5 March 2020 to enjoy an evening of entertainment and to receive their prizes as presented by the panel of judges.

Control Room Awards | opening soon

Date and venue Thursday 5 March 2020 at Jury’s Inn Hinckley Island

Drinks reception from 6:45pm

Awards dinner from 7:15pm

Evening entertainment until 12:30am

The Control Room Awards 2019 in numbers…


…and It’s going to be even bigger and better for 2020.

Nominations open 1 November 2019.